新視野大學英語第三版讀寫教程第二冊課后習題答案 - 下載本文

Unit 1 Section A 3.Words in use

1.The mayor decided to(condense)his speech in order to leave enough time for his audience to raise questions.

2. It was reported that there was a vehicle missing every 20 seconds in the US.If the trends continue,experts predict annual vehicle thefts could(exceed)two million.

3. Researchers put patients through a set of psychological tests to determine the negative consequences of sleep(deficit). 4. Too much(exposure)to dirty air can cause people to suffer from allergies and diseases that will eventually affect people's health.

5. Moving forward even in the face of great difficulties has become my most important(asset)in my life since it has helped me accomplish something remarkable.

6. The lawyer proclaimed they couldn't jump to conclusions because






by(adequate)facts and evidence.

7. To help the employees be more communicative,the company is








professionally(competent)but socially awkward.

8. Most parents,in fact,aren't very helpful with the problems that their sons and daughters have in(adjusting)to their college life.

9. You can count how many students passed an exam,but psychological






10. in short,participation in sports is extremely(beneficial)for college students not only physically but also emotionally and socially.

7.Expressions in use

1. Since we have invited all the other neighbors to our 25th wedding anniversary party,we(feel obliged to)invite the Browns too.

2. Most of the time,no one will care about natural disasters,and they won't(be serious about)avoiding disasters till one has really struck.

3. When you(run into)a friend that you haven't seen for a long time and have a good chat with him,you may feel very happy and delighted.

4. It is very important to(distinguish between)facts and opinions in order to have a better understanding of what a reading passage is talking about.

5. Though he was very excited about being elected as president of the student association,many extra responsibilities have been(thrust upon)him ever since then.

6. The doctor,having no knowledge that I(was allergic to)this particular drug,prescribed the medicine.

7. It's understandable that,without any support,a 16-year-old can easily(get lost)in a committee of people in their forties. 8. It is hoped that some new high-tech companies will(be attracted to)this small,old town to encourage loans for building houses and factories.

9. It doesn't(make sense)to buy that expensive coat when these cheaper ones are just as good.

10. A few years later,Franklin got married,started his own printing shop,and was(looked upon as)a successful young businessman. Unit 2 Section A 3.Words in use

1. In our class,most discussions and activities take place in assigned small groups.These groups provide a supportive and safe environment that(promotes)learning.

2. It is the development strategy of the company

to(accelerate)its overseas expansion in order to take a slice of the world market.

3. Nearly six million people go to see the Mona Lisa every year,attracted by the(mystery)of her smile.When you're not looking at her,she seems to be smiling;when you look at her,she stops.

4. To live with a family whose native language is English is the ideal way to further improve one's English and to gain(insight)into its culture.

5. There is a real need to(boost)academic achievement in schools and help with the development of a student's overall character.

6. Einstein said his scientific discoveries grew from his imagination rather than from(analysis),reason and language. 7. Being a single parent,there is no way for her to(calculate)the time and energy she has devoted to her children for the past 10 years.

8. It is essential that you start by listening because one of the main(barriers)teenagers and their parents face in forming positive relationships is that neither listens to the other. 9. We all know the dangers of an earthquake:the(destruction)to buildings,the troubles can be caused by falling trees,and the

terror occurs when the earth actually opens up.

10. Not until recently have we realized that the increasing world population may lead to a potential gloomy(prospect)for humanity:starvation. 7.Expressions in use

1. Because women often restrict their diet in an effort to control weight,they may not consume enough iron-rich food and(are liable to)experience an iron deficiency.

2. Some reform advocates ignore the impact of class size on student achievement,and they are(in favor of)what they call as a priority:teacher effectiveness.

3. Because of easy access to the Internet,the new breakthrough to create something truly creative(is bound to)happen anytime now.

4. Indeed,if teachers want to(speculate about)how far students might get in life,a better measurement than grades might be how hard the students try.

5. Nature has(1)(invested)these animals(2)(with)a capacity for not showing fear.

6. During the weeks of discussion,delegations from groups who are interested in the resolution may call on representatives to(stand up for)their point of view.